Refund policy for physical products is mentioned on Return Policy page. This refund policy is specifically for digital products and services.

Full Refund

We will provide you full refund only if you give us proper reason for the refund. If our digital product or service is not as specified in description or we have not completed the given project according to your specified requirements then we will give you full refund.

Partial Refund

While providing you a service, we may spend money to complete your given project ( for example buying domain name and server). In that case we will provide you partial refund. Or if we have completed some milestones of the project and failed to complete the other milestones. In that case we will issue a partial refund.

No Refund

If you have no reason for refund like we have provided you the service according to the description or according to what we have discussed through email or call. And you still ask for refund with no reason then we will not refund you.